How to Choose the Best Child-Friendly Neighborhood

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For prospective San Francisco Real Estate homebuyers who have kids, finding the right house inside a child-friendly neighborhood is non-negotiable. Raising your children in a safe and friendly environment is crucial in terms of their growth as persons. So how do you choose the best child-friendly neighborhood? Here are some of the most important aspects you need to consider before making that very important decision.

1.    Check out the amenities – One of the first things you need to consider when choosing a Bay Area Luxury Homes neighborhood where you can move your family into is the amenities they offer. Are the amenities truly child-friendly? Make sure that there is ample space where your kids can play and explore with other children. A good neighborhood should have open fields and parks where children can safely run around. If you can find a house that is located near a park, then that would be an excellent choice.

2.    There are lots of kids playing outside – Apart from the parks and playgrounds, you should also check if there are kids who are simply playing outside. What you can do is to drive around the neighborhood after the local school hours to see if there are kids playing outside. If you don’t see any, that could be an indicator that the neighborhood is not that kid-friendly.

3.    The neighbors are also friendly – Another key hallmark of a kid-friendly neighborhood are the friendly neighbors. Having neighbors who are easy to go along with means that the children are safe and will be looked after. Moreover, a neighborhood whose residents are close to each other is a place where every parent would want their children to grow up in.

4.    There are good schools nearby – Since you also want your children to be educated in good schools, the neighborhood should have great educational institutions nearby. Since education is another one of those non-negotiable aspects, you should find a neighborhood that has a nearby school known for providing quality education.

5.    The crime rate is low – Aside from quality education, you also need to ensure the safety of your children. When picking the right neighborhood, you need to consider the current crime rate. Go to a place where the crime rates are low, at least over the past five years. What you want is a place where your kids can freely roam around without having to worry about petty criminals and other evildoers lurking around.

6.    Regular child-oriented events – Lastly, you should choose a neighborhood that holds regular events and activities for children. This will help your kids build new relationships and meet other children who will become their trusted friends.  

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