About Us

We are a unique magazine covering drones and other aerial technology. Although drones are a relatively new type of technology, they are quickly becoming extremely popular among a wide variety of consumers, ranging from videography hobbyists to companies looking for unique and efficient surveillance and delivery options. Our online magazine delivers frequent editorial content on all things drones to help you stay up-to-date with everything that’s going on in the industry.

We began this magazine when we noticed how popular and widespread drones were becoming. While there was tons of content out there for those who were already involved with and excited about drones, there wasn’t anything that appealed broadly to many different types of readers, all of whom could benefit from using drones in their lives. We decided to create this magazine to share a range of drone content with readers around the world. Our contributors come from a variety of different industries and backgrounds, but they share a passion for this emerging technology that they are excited to share with you. Interested in becoming an contributor? Head over to our Write For Us section to find out how.

Be sure to check back often for new content from us – we post several times per week with news, opinion, and review articles. If you have a question for us or an article that you would like to see from us, please let us know. We can be reached via email or social media, and we love chatting with our readers. If you want more behind the scenes content from us, you can also join us on our social media pages, where we post daily updates and exclusive content. We also hope to bring together a network of drone lovers on our social media pages to discuss this wonderful technology. If you enjoy reading our content, we’d also appreciate it if you liked or shared it with your friends to help reach even more drone lovers.